Spider-Man: Total Mayhem FREE


Epic Spider-Man adventure for your iPhone



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Spider-Man: Total Mayhem is a third person action game in which you play one of the coolest superheroes in history: Spider-Man.

You can carry out practically all the moves from the comics, on the game: from balancing yourself between city skyscrapers and using Peter Parker’s beyond human agility to demolish your enemies, to using spider webs to do all kinds of amazing moves.

The graphics, taking into account that this is an iPhone game you’re dealing with, are truly spectacular. Both Spidey and his enemies, as well as the scenes, are all perfectly recreated and in amazing colors.

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem FREE is the free version of the game, which as is the norm, only includes the first levels; but they are totally worth it.

iPhone, iPod touch and iPad compatible.

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